Specialties from the Eisenwurzen Nature Park, © Naturpark Eisenwurzen NÖ/Theo Kust

Regional development

Hiking and cycling trails, rest and relaxation areas, family-friendly, near-natural and wheelchair-friendly adventure playgrounds, nature park festivals and events.

Many sustainable and eco-social projects of the nature parks strengthen the quality of life of individuals in the municipalities in the medium term and significantly contribute to the overall economic well-being of the region.

Nature parks also stand for:

  • Enabling close collaboration between the nature park, agriculture, tourism, trade and culture
  • Creating jobs through socially and environmentally sustainable tourism; e.g. in nature park restaurants.
  • Promoting nature park products according to Austria’s national criteria in order to promote the preservation of characteristic cultural landscapes.

Austrian Nature Park Specialities

The label ‘Österreichische Naturpark-Spezialitäten’ (Austrian Nature Park Specialities) awarded by the Association of Austrian Nature Parks not only markets culinary specialities, it also stands for the diversity of habitats that are preserved through this form of management.

On the association's website, you will find a wealth of interesting information about the nature park speciality companies and sales outlets, from origin and quality criteria to tasty regional recipe tips from the nature parks. We hope you enjoy browsing and savouring those culinary delights!


Austrian Nature Park Specialities