Blockheide pond, © POV

Nature Park Philosophy – The Four Pillars

The “Four Pillars” form the basis of our nature parks

Nature parks preserve and develop intact natural areas and landscapes worthy of protection. Cultural landscapes shaped over centuries are preserved and can be experienced up close by visitors.

Unique Biodiversity

By implementing ongoing measures in accordance with international standards, the nature parks continue to sustainably improve the unique biodiversity and distinct species diversity in their respective regions and are committed to upholding the Lower Austrian Nature Conservation Charter.

Diverse Lower Austria

Today, Lower Austria's nature parks are indispensable when it comes to the country's extraordinary diversity. They are places to relax, have fun and make valuable experiences. Of course, in order to be able to organise activities, the nature parks also need financial support from the Federal Province of Lower Austria, in addition to strong regional ties.

The Lower Austrian nature parks are committed to the 4-pillar philosophy: