Flower meadow Falkenstein Nature Park , © Naturparke Niederösterreich/POV

Nature Conservation

Preserving the natural area in its original diversity and precious beauty and maintaining the unique landscape through near-natural use.

Through human influence, cultural landscapes have developed from original natural landscapes in Central Europe. Today, these include species-rich meadows, pastures and vineyards, alpine pastures and moors. The diversity of uses also gave rise to a diversity of habitats that are important to many animal and plant species. This historically grown diversity of species and biotopes is the nature parks’ most important asset, which must be secured, preserved or restored. Today, these special features are endangered by the effects of partly non-sustainable practices of agriculture, forestry and water management. The consequences of climate change also pose a threat to biodiversity. Global warming promotes rapid changes in species and species loss. Through their nature and landscape conservation projects, nature parks make an important contribution to the preservation of biological diversity and to an intact biotope network in (Lower) Austria.

This happens through:

Nature conservation projects, contractual nature conservation, protected area management, research projects, awareness raising, environmental information, soft mobility