Nordwald Nature Park

Dense coniferous forests, still ponds, hill moor landscapes and meadows: the landscape on the western edge of the Waldviertel highlands is reminiscent of Scandinavia.

High moors, coniferous forests, meadows - almost like in the far north

An extensive forest area on the western edge of the Waldviertel highlands between Bad Großpertholz and Karlstift is the home of this nature park with a Nordic-Scandinavian character. The dense coniferous forests are broken up by island-like farmland and meadows, ponds and raised bogs. In between there are always bizarre rock formations. The imposing lookout tower at Schwarzenberg offers a magnificent view over this scenery. It can also be hot in the Nordwald in summer. The Stierhüblteich pond near Karlstift offers pleasant cooling.


  •     Schwarzenberg lookout tower
  •     Animal enclosure
  •     Moor forest bathing pond
  •     Observation tower high moor "Große Heide
  •     Adventure trail "Magic Forest"
  •     Playgrounds
  •    "Obstle(h)rpfad
  •     reconstructed drift channel

Worth knowing

  •     Dogs must be kept on a leash
  •     Gastronomy
  •     Information cabin with barbecue facilities
  •     Nature tours
  •     Mountain biking

Nature park hiking trail

From the Scheiben parking lot via the nature park facilities (animal enclosure, playground) between meadows and fields to Bad Großpertholz, past the spa hotel and on a forest road through the forest to the main road, which you cross. Uphill past the Bettelweibstein, possibly to the observation tower and back to the parking lot.
Stamp at the parking lot Scheiben


Naturpark Nordwald
Gemeindeamt Bad Großpertholz
Obmann Hermann Hahn jun.
3972 Bad Großpertholz 138

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