Blockheide-Gmünd-Eibenstein Nature Park

Wiggle stones in the dreamy heath landscape

Visitors will encounter legendary stone giants and wobbly stones, natural monuments formed by nature such as the ‘Christophorusstein’ (Christophorus Stone), ‘Teufelsbett’ (Devil's Bed) and ‘Kobold- und Grillensteine’ (Goblin and Cricket Stones).

Mystical in dreamy heath landscape

Small fields and meadows, mixed forests, granite stones.


  •     Blockheide pond
  •     Meridian path at the 15th meridian
  •     Wobble stones
  •     Devil's stones etc.
  •     Observation tower with exhibition "Birth of the Wobbly Stones
  •     Nature children's playground with stone labyrinth
  •     Giant and dwarf picnic area
  •     Geological open-air museum, theme trails
  •     Adventure tours

Interesting facts

  •     Public arrival by bus
  •     Dogs must be kept on a leash
  •     Information center
  •     Gastronomy
  •     Store
  •     Exhibition
  •     Barrier-free experiences
  •     Barbecue area
  •     Guided hikes
  •     Connection to NÖ-Radweg

Hiking Pass Route

Ladybug trail

From the information center (Gmünd, Blockheideweg 10) with an observation tower on the ladybug trail (marked yellow) through the nature park landscape characterized by granite boulders, birch groves, red pines and heather. Get to know residual biotopes and follow the trail of the ladybug
6 km/2 h
Stamping point at the lookout tower


Gmünd, Blockheideweg 10
T +43 (0)2852 20984 und +43 (0)680 5062837) während der Saison.

Verein Naturpark Blockheide Gmünd-Eibenstein
Schremser Str. 6, 3950 Gmünd
T +43 (0)2852 52506