The Association

Almost half of Austria's nature parks are located in Lower Austria. The aim of every nature park is to preserve natural areas in their diversity and with their respective unique features for future generations through continuous optimal use.

In order to successfully achieve this goal, the Association of Lower Austrian Nature Parks was founded in 2006. Since then, the nature parks have been working together strategically to establish themselves as strong partners locally, in the region and in the federal province of Lower Austria.

The History of our Nature Parks

The history of individual nature parks in Lower Austria goes back more than half a century. Of course, over the past 50 years, the expectations of what a nature parks is supposed to deliver have changed drastically. Today, nature parks face new challenges in terms of content orientation, communication, professionalisation of management, networking etc. To ensure that these diverse demands do not become overwhelming, the Association of Lower Austrian Nature Park was founded in 2006.

Our Responsibility for Future Generations

Every nature park in Lower Austria is also a full member of the Association of Lower Austrian Nature Parks. Together, the nature parks form the association’s General Assembly. As members of the General Assembly, they must ratify all important decisions.

Managing Committee

The Managing Committee is chosen by the general assembly. It consists of six members, i.e. the chairman and deputy chairman, the secretary and deputy secretary, and the treasurer and deputy treasurer. Furthermore, the Managing Committee may nominate a maximum of four advisory councils for the purpose of consultation. The Managing Committee has appointed a managing director to manage the day-to-day operations.

Managing Director

The Managing Director is affiliated with the Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria and works in close cooperation with the department of nature conservation of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria.

The Strategy

In 2017, the Association of Lower Austrian Nature Parks launched a multilayered process that converges in the Lower Austrian Nature Parks 2025 strategy. This strategy was adopted by the General Assembly in autumn 2020. The fields of action identified and formulated therein serve as guidance and commitment to achieve the goal of successfully leading the nature parks in Lower Austria into the next decade. The top priority is to familiarise people with the diversity, resources and potential of the unique natural spaces by making them visible and usable – but at the same time to ensure that the uniqueness of the Lower Austrian nature parks is preserved.

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