Sparbach Nature Park

Visiting the wild boars

Austria's oldest nature park is located near Mödling in the southern Wienerwald. A striking feature are the wild boars which roam freely there.

Up close and personal with wild boars in the Vienna Woods

Austria's oldest nature park is one of the most popular family excursion destinations.

Attractions besides the wild boars running free

  •     small animal and wild animal enclosure
  •     interactive nature park house
  •     Lenau pond with mill
  •     Johannstein ruin
  •     ruins of charcoal burner's house and Diana's temple
  •     adventure playground with sand and water play area
  •     Motor activity stations

Worth knowing

  •     Public arrival by bus
  •     Dogs prohibited (free-roaming wild boars)
  •     Information center
  •     Gastronomy
  •     Store
  •     Barbecue area (with advance reservation)
  •     Nature tours
  •     Animal enclosure
  •     Children's birthday party (with advance reservation)
  •     Forest and adventure educational tours (with advance reservation)

Hiking Pass Route

Biedermeier Trail

On the main trail past the small animal enclosure, nature park house, Lenauweiher, wild animal gallery and tree giants to the Johannstein ruin. From there via the Köhlerhaus to the Dianawiese. Return via Schacherplatz to the starting point.
6 km/2 h
Stamping point at the visitor center


Naturpark Sparbach
2393 Sparbach 6

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T +43 (0)2237 20729