Thaya in Dobersberg, © Naturparke Niederösterreich/POV

What Experiences Await You in Our Nature Parks Throughout the Seasons

– Numerous Highlights at Any Time of the Year

Visiting the nature parks pays off at any time of the year: in spring when the first tender green shoots appear, in summer when the crickets chirp and the butterflies emerge, in autumn when the landscape is bathed in the most varied shades of red, or in winter when everything is quiet and nature goes into well-deserved hibernation.

Nature Parks Through the Seasons

When the seasons change, some phenological events become visible very quickly, such as the changing leaves of the trees and the coat colour of many forest animals, but some rare peculiarities of our unique, lively landscapes only become apparent to visitors when they take a closer look. How is nature responding to climate change? How do the leaves of the field maple change colour, why does the wood anemone blossom earlier than usual and where do migratory birds stay? Nature lovers and amateur and professional photographers make countless observations of this kind in the course of a year.

Get Out Your Camera!

Are you always chasing the perfect nature shot? Then you have come to the right place! The flora and fauna offer a myriad of beautiful things to photograph.

Simply send it to the us, inlcuding information about the copyright and the respective nature park where the picture was taken!

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