Familie am Bauernhof in Hollenstein, © Naturparke Niederösterreich/POV

Nature Park Municipalities in Lower Austria

Nature parks and municipalities: Collaboration to serve people and nature

46 municipalities including smaller and larger settlements are located in Lower Austrian nature parks. They are home to 400,000 people and millions of plants and animals.

A stable, authentic anchoring in the region is the basis for a successful nature park. Only in partnership with nature park municipalities can trend-setting and active nature park work succeed in the long term.

Side by side on an equal footing for a healthy quality of life

Nature parks contribute substantially to the protection of biodiversity. They strengthen the quality of life in the respective municipality and offer citizens and guests space for leisure and recreation for body and mind. This means that people can experience nature with all their senses. In accordance with European standards, nature parks take on important, motivating and communally experienceable educational tasks. These efforts also strengthen the municipalities within these nature parks!

The Charter for Nature Parks

By signing the Charter for Nature Parks, a municipality is making a clear committment to protecting the Nature Park. This support is also expressed in the form of financial and active support offered by establishing municipal structures. After all, the old Austrian saying “ohne Geld ka Musi” (no money, no music) holds true even in the case of nature parks.