Winter at Jauerling Nature Park, © RH

Winter hikes in the nature parks

On a hike through the winter wonderland in Lower Austria’s nature parks, you can hear the fresh snow crunching under your feet and enjoy the fresh air.

The landscapes in Lower Austria's nature parks are as diverse as the country itself. Sometimes it doesn't take much more than sturdy walking shoes to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Magical Winter Landscapes

It is particularly magical when the snow crackles under heavy boots and little clouds of mist escape when you first exhale. Then you know it's the right time for going on winter tours and ski tours.

A Wide Variety of Tours

And what better place to embark on an adventure than Lower Austria's nature parks, which offer pristine locations and refreshing tours for families and sports enthusiasts. Get involved in special winter tours and reward yourself not only with an exciting experience of nature, but with a simple cup of “Jagatee”, an Austrian staple in winter made from black tea and rum, mulled wine or hot chocolate in one of the many inns and rest areas in and around Lower Austria's nature parks.